¡¡¡it’s a little tumble bumble giveaway of stuff I had lying around that I don’t really need!!!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

-a pair of sparkly jellies that I wore like four times (USA size 8, but can fit a 9 or a 7 for sure)
-a brand new, never-used iphone 4 case w/ real preserved pressed flowers inside
-a charm necklace w/ lil candy charms all over

-one person, picked at random, will win all three items!
-you have to REBLOG this!
-you have to be following me! (miserabelia.tumblr.com)
-you can reblog as many times as you want!
-giveaway blogs are uncool and won’t be counted!
-you’ll need to be willing to give me your address so I can mail you the stuff! (I feel like this goes without saying but it’s been a problem in the past)
-I’m picking a winner on august 20th!!! GO GET EM KID WIN MY FREE SHIT B-)))))

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It’s time for another Bisexual Books giveaway!  You know you could use more queer comics in your life!  

You could win all the fantastic goodies pictured above:

  • A copy of Batgirl 19 which features the coming out of Alysia (Batgirl’s roommate) as transgender!  Alysia is also bi.  And did I mention this copy is AUTOGRAPHED by author Gail Simone?  
  • A copy of Death’s Door by Sam Saturday, a pansexual author writing about creepy polyamorous demons.  And it’s also AUTOGRAPHED by sam-saturday!   
  • A copy of Pancakes by Kat Leyh, a super adorable comic with queer girl superheros that makes us swoon.
  • stickers from weneeddiversebooks, Geeks Out, tumblr, and a bi pride flag
  • and a handful of pinback buttons including a Dark Horse pride button!

Now all the boring rules stuff:

  • This giveaway is open to everyone (yes international friends this includes you).  
  • You must be following us here at bisexual-books to win
  • You must reblog this post (likes don’t count for this one sorry guys).
  • You can reblog as many times as you’d like
  • But no giveaway blogs  
  • Winners will be chosen August 10th at 8pm CST

And don’t forget to enter our other two awesome giveaways — one for romance and the other for bisexual YA!

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